We are breaking barriers and bridging hope!

                Sincere love makes us truly one...


Each OND Sister  is invited to take upon herself the personal responsibility to grow in self-knowledge, to move away from self-centeredness to selflessness and to recapture that sense of self-sacrifice for the sake of the marginalized and the excluded.  This requires an ongoing study and an appropriation of personal prayer and contemplation.

 We are called to create, nurture and sustain intentional community mindful of our common search for God and attentive to the spirit in reading the signs of the times.


We unite ourselves in praise and thanksgiving with the Church in the Liturgy of the Hours. The Eucharistic sacrifice is the source and center of our consecrated life.

We gladly join forces with all whom we work with.  We cooperate and collaborate with our bishops, priests, brothers and sisters, laity and ministers of other faiths in a spirit of understanding.  The love we extend to them gives striking witness to the universality of the Church.




     OND Sisters  in prayer  dance