We are breaking barriers and bridging hope!


The OND spirituality is  "To strive to please God always expressed in a lifestyle consistent with the spirit of Jesus the Poor and Mary as disciple".

We are convinced that living our spirituality in the world today is taking Jesus seriously.  We discovered that there is no other way to make sense today but to make a difference - TO ACT JUSTLY, LOVE TENDERLY AND WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD (Micah 6:8). To take Jesus seriously implies to corporately live our call to walk with those in the margins, break barriers, nurture communities, discern our responses to the signs of the times in a global society and reconcile all for the fullness of God's reign.


During the 11th General Chapter in May, 2013, it was agreed that OND Charism include the following elements:

Driven by the Spirit to do God's mission of New Evangelization 

We are missionaries marked by deep faithj, hope and abiding love;

with the disposition and posture emanating from Abba experience;

following Jesus with Mary as Disciple;

in solidarity with the poor at the margins and the whole creation 


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