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 The heart of Formation is discipleship that consists of depth choices of the heart. Religious life is an exclusive commitment to God-quest. Our vocation to the Religious Life is a paradigm of search, a mark of human soul, not merely a labor force but a searing presence.

Vocation to the religious life is a call from God.  It is God who takes the initiative and extends the invitation. He calls whenever He wants, wherever He wants, whomever He wants.



1.  COME AND SEE PERIOD:To seek denotes a goal determined dynamism of a person's life. What one seeks reveals one's deepest concerns. This is the time for the candidates to find out whether the Oblates of Notre Dame is the community for which they are best suited. This is the stage for nurturing the call.

  L-R: Ivy, Glaire(front)Alfie,MerryJoy,Leah,Agnes,Norie



2. PRENOVITIATE: to search into one's inner person and respond to the call away from the world.  This period lasts for one year.  It is spent in the House of Formation.   After a period of probation, our postulants  will be admitted to the Novitiate through a rite of initiation which is preceded by a retreat  of five days.





3.  NOVITIATE: For two years the sisters grow in the culture of the Religious Life-OND style-until they are ready for profession of vows. The novices are introduced to the authentic nature, spirit and purpose of the congregation. Our novices receive solid spiritual, theological and apostolic formation according to the charism of the Oblates of Notre Dame to enable them to discern and cherish their call and commit themselves to God through the Oblates of Notre Dame.



A. JAP (Juniors in Academic Program): Designed to develop competent and creative theological spiritual discipline needed for dynamic ministering in mission.

B.  JIM (Juniors in Mission) facilitates an on-going formation of young professed sisters while they are actively involved in the various OND ministries.


Sr.Sharon Palencia and Sr Daisy Arao-Arao


 C. Juniors in Renewal Program-the last phase of the Juniorate-Renewal Year-lasts for 10 months, is a period to help the Junior Sisters make an essential act of total consecration to God that will engage them to live the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience.

    L-R: Srs.Jean,MaryAnn,Donna,Erleen, Joy



 5. ON-GOING FORMATION:Formation is far from finished when perpetual vows are pronounced.  The sisters seek to grow daily and develop in  the life of Christ and in the likeness of Mary  who did all that pleased Him. OGF assists the sisters in their  continuing education which extends to all aspects of religious person and in the whole institute itself and her mission.