We are breaking barriers and bridging hope!

50 Years ago...

    Miss Estrella Adre (left) and Miss Rosita Quijano (right) served as teachers at the Notre Dame of Ungus Matata in Tawi-Tawi, which was established by Fr. George E. Dion, OMI. While in Ungus Matata, both made private vows of chastity and tried to live the vows of poverty and obedience. Aside from the daily mass, visits to the blessed sacrament and penances, Fr. Dion gave then conferences on spiritual life.  

The natural birth of the Oblates of Notre Dame was marked by the arrival of Estrella in Cotabato City on November 5,1956 in response to the invitation of Fr. Dion who was assigned to start the Catholic Radio station in the city. On April 17,1957 Rosita arrived from Bongao. On April 21,1957 the first Habit-taking took place at the Bishop's Chapel. Bishop Gerard Mongeau presented the religious habit with Fr. Dion and Fr. Boyd assisting. On February 17,1958 Bishop Mongeau introduced the Oblates of Notre Dame as those nuns who go about the community dressed in uniform, mix with people and make Christ penetrate all strata of society."                           



This group of pioneering ONDs must be singing this contemporary song:

"Two women care, four women dare and ten will follow after. Two are few but four are more and ten times ten worth waiting for. A millions strong on a single song, soon the whole world sings along and a NEW DAY DAWNS!!! "

A.D. 2009-Golden Jubilee of 3 ONDs

Fifty Years ago Sr Virginia Isabel Tadeo, Sr Mary-Jori Quintos and Sr Salvacion Pagsuguioron made their first vows. The people they have served would remember their zest for mission and care for the needy. At 50 as ONDs they continue to participate in the mission of God-Sr Sabs in Texas, Sr Mary in Midsayap and Sr Sally as contact person at the St Therese Care Home.